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    If there’s ever a chance a car battery would suddenly not work, it is in Winter. This is because car batteries are forced to work harder to get the engine going than at any other time of the year.

    Cold temperatures affect the functioning of the car battery as it is forced to work harder to get your engine going.

    Lower temperatures affect the chemical reaction that takes place inside the battery when the vehicle is turned on. The cold weather makes batteries more sluggish, and it requires more time to successfully ignite. That’s why it’s important to check the health of the battery before Winter to make sure you won’t suddenly be stuck on the side of the road.

    Did you know that the amount of technology you have in your car can take a big toll on the battery’s ability to do its job, and it’s also a big determiner on how long your battery lasts?

    Seat warmers, headlights, radio and electronic device chargers all demand power from the battery to start. This can be overwhelming and cause the battery to fail, especially if it’s older and already struggling to hold a charge.  

    Besides regular maintenance, there are ways to take extra care of your car battery to ensure that it never leaves you looking for cables to jump-start your car on a cold Winter morning.

    Batter Care During Winter

    1. Make Sure Your Car Powers Down Properly When Parking

    When it’s dark and cold outside, it’s easier to focus on rushing inside the house instead of ensuring your car is properly powered down. Make sure the headlights and cabin lights are off, and that the doors are completely closed. Any light will drain the battery overnight. Unplug accessories, including cigarette lighters and socket chargers so that they don’t try and steal power when you turn your car on the next time.

    2. Check for Corrosion or Lose Cables

    Corrosion around your battery’s terminals can negatively affect the connection between the battery’s cell and its cables. If the terminals are corroded or the cables are loose, your battery won’t be able to successfully transfer its energy to the engine.

     3. Avoid Car Battery Surprises With Routine Maintenance

    The most effective strategy for keeping your car battery running during Winter is with regular maintenance. A car battery should be checked every four years. Do not try to extend the life of your car battery for longer than it should.

    4. Battery Storage and Winter Care

    Keeping your vehicle in a garage when it’s not in use will help to protect the battery from the effects of low Winter temperatures.  It’s also important to not keep your car without driving it for too long. It’s ideal to move it every three days to keep the battery at its optimum level.  

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